Need help with Original DOS version of Privateer 2


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OK I am trying to play privateer 2 the original DOS version in dosbox version 0.74-2....the problem I am that after setup I am, running into setdatastreamspeed error messages. And the reason I am not using either the win 95 or GoG because on can play the main missions ok....but you CANNOT PLAY the extra 13 cinematic missions that come with the game! The reason for this is because those missions are very "CD sensitive" and will not play unless the right CD is inserted. There is a patch I am very well aware of in CIC that is supposed to get rid of the setdatastreamspeed error messages.....but my problem is that when I put it in C:\Dark and double click on the icon....the only thing it does is ask for CD 1...yet...IT NEVER LOADS CD 1! So I am in kind of a pickle....I need to run the DOS version of this game if I want to see the extra cinematic missions...but I cannot because I keep getting those error messages and I have tried all kinds of core and cycles in options.bat ....yet the problem still does not go away. Can anyone help me understand WHY I cannot get that crazy patch to work? I think if I could get that working it may solve a lot of things....I just hope I can still play the extra cinematic missions when it is all said and done...because that is my main goal....I can play the main missions anytime on the GoG version...just not the extra cinematic ones because you cannot switch CD';s on the GoG version. Anyone have any ideas?
What did you do here? to install it should be simply:
Install privateer 2
copy the p2patch.exe to the C:\Dark folder
in dosbox run p2patch (it should extract 4 files - osi.exe, patch.txt, patch.bat, patch17E.dat
again in dosbox run patch.bat and it should say that it's patching Dark.EXE and GameFlow.IFF
finally run Dark.when the game starts it should say it's version 1.70E - it works for me but the only copy of P2Dos i had to hand was the European Deluxe version - so it may have been prepatched to a higher version (no idea if it was more advanced than the normal dos version).

If you had a reproducible place where the error is occurring for you i can try and reproduce and confirm it works?