I know you peoples probably hear this question a lot, but is it possible to get a Wing Commander game to go Multiplayer (and come out for Mac :-p) It would be kind of cool to see how people smarter than the computer fly, and I would like to know how good I really am.

God that'd be nice!

(well all except the mac part:D, Joking man.)

The best you can get as far as multiplayer space sims in the style of WC (IMO) is Tachyon: The Fringe. But I don't know if a mac version exists for that.

but I did say for Mac also. I can't play that game. Imagine this, a Wing Commander game usable by all game systems, with the cutting edge graphics used today, and a seperate Battle Network for just that game. I mean people can go to this battle network to chat and when they meet there they can play games. You could play a free for all. 1 on 1 on 1 on 1. Team games 2 on 2. Cooperatives you and a friend vs a computer. It'd be an easy way for people to get together, get new stats and learn how well they would do. I think it would be great. For Amada however, I cannot play it, also you'd have to find someone online at the same time through ICQ(I trashed that a year ago) Yahoo (gone) or some other messaging tool I do not have. This way would be fast and easier then what Armada provides.

Even better...the FreeLancer multiplayer package, Hell yes! I read from Gamespot that you can even do business (trading, etc.) with others online as well as kicking their butts! I guess you could call it Privateer Online squared.:D (due late this year)
didn't freelancer get pushed back to 2002? i think it's slated for late q1 or early q2.

other online alternatives (don't know how good they are) are jumpgate, earth and beyond, and (perhaps to a lesser extent, depending on how you feel about it) the upcoming star wars online game. i think it's called galactic battlegrounds? does anyone care?

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There's always Wing Commander Armada -- a multiplayer game that was years ahead of its time.
Amen to that LOAF. I remember myself and my little brother going head-to-head in that game... now THERE was a battle to behold! :)
I remember head-to-head Armada action in my college dorm before ethernet in college was cool. Briibing the cable guy really does pay off. :)
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Yes, Westwood must DIE!!!!!...wait, what for?
EA cancelled Privateer Online/Wing Commander Online because Westwood was already making a similar game, I believe it's called Earth and Beyond, and it's due out... sometime?
Freelancer has been 18 months away from being released for years.

But it's not a space-sim, so it can't be like Privateer Online.
Seems they redefine what freelancer is every few months, so it might be a spacesim, or it might be an all new type of fruit, either way I don't think we'll be finding out any time soon.
That idea they had of making everything point and click controlled just seems to me like an AOLization of the space sim genre... kind of like "Privateer for dummies"... you click, we aim.

The ship flies itself, you point and click to shoot. With the money you make you buy better weapons, and a better AI so your ship flies even better without you.
Anyone seen "Space Cowboys"? If you did, remember the part where they are in the shuttle simulator and request total computer failure so they can land manually? Well, I say use that approach in FreeLancer and to Hell with that damned flight computer! I don't need to click on an 'evade enemy' option, damnit! I can do it myself. Anyone feel the same way?
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I don't need to click on an 'evade enemy' option, damnit! I can do it myself. Anyone feel the same way?

Yeah, that's exactly how I feel.
I don't see how making a game less interactive than it's predecessors (from similar genres) can be considered "innovative".

If that's what Freelancer is all about, I might as well just watch the WC Movie again, doing some "point and clicking" on my remote control's volume and brightness buttons every so often... that should be a similarly entertaining experience.

While Freelancer's mouse interface sounds questionable(Earth and Beyond is also using a mouse interface,by the way),I think it would be a good idea to hold judgement until it comes out and we get to test it out firsthand-if the game ever comes out.I do not think that Chris Roberts(now Jorg Neumann),Digital Anvil,and Microsoft would invest many years, millions and millions of dollars,and create a rich story and universe for an extremely ambitious title only to have it all fall apart because of the interface.If we compare Freelancer's interface with Wing we are going to get shortchanged.If we view it as a totaly different kind of space sim interface we might get pleasantly surprised.At any rate,I think it is a safe assumption to say that Freelancer will either be a revolutionary title or an incredibly big fiasco.