More Livestreams?


Just recently found Ben playing WC 1 and both secret missions on a 25th anniversary livestream and I see he's done one for WC2 as well, but did he do any WC 2 Special Ops or WC 3 25th anniversary playthroughs either?


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Will you and LOAF be doing a playthrough of the original Wing Commander on September 26? Since I will be my dad's age when he purchased and installed Wing Commander, I would like to do a Twitch stream of the WC games starting on that date, but I do not want to steal a fellow CIC member's thunder.


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That's a good question. We have't quite thought that far out yet. The coronavirus will probably prevent any in-person events for us through the fall though. If you're interesting in doing a stream, we wouldn't want to hold you back. Even if we do end up putting something together, the more the merrier.


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Sounds like a plan. I just started playing X-Wing (The DOS version, not the re-release for Windows in 1998) again. It helps me appreciate just how far ahead the WC staff was at the time.