Mission 9B, UE

I haven't played UE in a while but I have beaten it multiple times. If you could just post a few details about the mission either myself or another member can give you tips and pointers.

Good luck with the rest of the game!
I'm guessing that your problem is the unending waves of fighters. Basically, if after the Avenger returns, you kill all of the other fighters, you can autopilot out. Once the Squid fighters show, the only way out is to run away from the fight until you can autopilot.
Mission 9B

When Avenger returns the fighters keep on coming, especially the Devil Rays. Took advice to run when Avenger returned. Landed, Bingo for fuel and weapons. But, heck! At my age I'll take getting home with only 8% damage to the ship.

Thanks for your kind help.