Missing Towns & Mines.


Heads up Troops,
When I entered Oxford last night on my way to "Shangri-La" to flog off some
rubbish, I found "Shangri-La" was missing! Now I realize the writers of this
wonderfull game are busy little buggers, but, hey guys I missed out on getting
paid for this mission!. and I`m now short of a Quid or two!.

In addition, I took another Mission to cart rubbish to a joint in "Varnus", and
you guessed it, some "Real Estate" dude had bought it and shifted it also,

Are these faults an accident or change in the Program?, could we have a look
at these when you have time?,

How do I get rid of the "Mission" as it still hangs around like a bad smell!.

Missing Mines & Planets

Heads up Troops,
If you suffer with this as I do I`ve found the problem:
When you jump into "Where Ever" and find some or a lot of places missing,
place your Mouse in Left upper Corner and pull down Diagnaly and you should
see other Ports emerge to your view!.

Does that fix it for you then? There hasn't been an update to the program in about a year nad a half, so if someone specific needs to be fixed, you probably need to get ahold of John Cordell directly.
Missing Towns

Morning Chris`,

Yes that do`se certainly fix it for me, It really was just a Headsup not meant
as a complaint!.
How do you find the Game, I`ve found it very close to the "Classic" and have
enjoyed it all the way!.
I believe these young chaps have done a wonderfull job on the restoration
so far!.
I don't really play it. I fire up the original in DOSBox when I have time.
Missing Towns

Good Morning Chris`,
I also have the original program, but no "Dosbox"!!, I`ll chase that up.