Megamek: Battletech sans Figures


The great God Pan may be dead, but Battletech is not!
They are restarting the original storyline during the Word of Blake Jihad, which brings me to this:

MegaMek is an unofficial, online version of the
Classic BattleTech board game.

Currently, nearly all level 1 BattleTech rules and technology are working. Work is progressing on level 2 rules and technology, and most of those are functional at this point. Even some level 3 rules have been added.

MegaMek is open source, free software. It is licenced under the GPL.

For more information, check out the links to the left. Bug reports or feature requests may be submitted to the MegaMek project page. For help, or just to chat, there are forums available on the project page, and on the site.
The game has long since been updated since this was written, it now incorporates most all Level 1-2 rules, as well as some Level 3.

I have played this for a while now, and I've noticed a fair number of Battletech players here. You can download it for free, and it lets you play online against several people at once, all through Java. It's design is very straightforward, has lots of room for quick battles or huge campaigns, a map editor, and every 'Mech, Vehicle, Infantry unit, and VTOL is in the game already, more of which you can add with HeavyMetalPro. I would love to play against some other people, as the Bot is quite rusty.
If you have irc, I have a #megamek channel on GameSurge. We're in the middle of a campaign atm so we aren't doing pick up games so much, but I'm sure someone would be up for it.