Mac's Escort Carrier Makes Its Debut (July 18, 2021)


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Mac has put together a nifty visual of an escort carrier cruising in the Freepsace engine. The core model comes from Klavs' collection, and the resulting image is a beauty. We wanted to share in case some people could use a new wallpaper image. There's some additional shots of some funkiness from a gameplay perspective, but even those shots look cool!

A viewer on my recent #wingcommander video commented about the Tarawa, which reminded me of my efforts to import her into #FreespaceOpen It has no shield impact anims, the bumpmaps are a little weird, and it cant fire. But it looks nice at least. The Tarawa model was from Klav's Wing Commander 3d model pack btw.

Oh ya, one more thing, how the Tarawa deals with itself exploding in FS is....really weird. She's a long way before I can have her ready for prime time.

Mac's other big hobby is his YouTube channel dedicated to sci-fi history. He's recently put together a new intro trailer for Mac's Lore below.

Original update published on July 18, 2021


Oof, looks like I'm gonna have to get back to work on getting the Tarawa fully working!

Something that I didn't mention was that my work with the Tarawa, was actually based on the work of someone named littel_ludi on the Hard Light Production boards who imported Klav's models into Freespace/WCSaga and made it public on their forums here. At the moment all I've done is the retexturing, the glow points, and the bump maps, with the full intention of making the Tarawa into a fully working CapShip (It's missing a lot of functionality atm). Although I might end up abandoning that model and try bringing the original 3d file from Klav's pack into the game myself.

Technically that's overkill for my video making purposes, but hey why not?

And since I'm here, here's a few more screenshots I took of our girl:


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Looks awesome! Fantastic job’

Just remember Tarawa was equipped with C model rapiers (a model of which with Tarawa markings is even included in the model pack :)