Hey. Can someone be so kind as to share the details of the Mace with me, that missile from Special Operations. It's been a while since I've played. Is it a nuke, or what? Thanks.

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Yup, it was basically a dumb-fire nuclear missile - damages both shields and armor, and a single hit was enough to destroy any of the WC2-simulated Kilrathi capital ships.

You could also shoot down your own Mace, which if properly timed, could destroy a whole group of enemy fighters.

WC4 added some limited control to Maces - you could maneuver them a little with your joystick, and you could set them off by holding your missile trigger down until you wanted them to explode.


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Maces in wc4 seemed to be quite less effective then the wc2 era missiles. I always had trouble when holding down the missile button to get it to detonate right in the middle of a group of incoming fighters.


missile view . . . made the mace, the coneburst, and the starburst missiles some of my favorite to use :)



Frog Blast the Vent Core!
even using missile view it was sometimes difficult to get a mace in the optium firing spot.

However, missile view also made me like star and cone burst missiles. They were an interesting addition to wc4, which add to the atmosphere of the UBW being a small nation reverting to odd weapons.