Little WC:T update


whew, took me day to figure out the names that nexus wants for engines and such are surface names, not part names :rolleyes:

so now, that's what the WC:T ships look like in the model viewer(and ingame)

the hornet:

the dralti:

and the snakeir:



btw, does anybody know how to create "single point polygons" in lightwave?
it's something to do with the points to polys button, i know, but, do i need to lelect the point i want to convert or deselct them or something?
i really need to know for the turrets!
Very nice looking. Do you plan on changing the limited view of the fighters in-game. Like being able to rotate and zoom the camera around them just like the capitol ships instead of the usual static view?
@ sarty:
i don't think it can be done, from the view of the engine editability i have so far.
but i was planning on making the bomber a special hopefully dockable class of capship, which would- among other things, enable normal viewing of them. but i leave the experiments for the time when i've grasped the engine as it is ;)
I don't know much about Lightwave, but in the programs I've used it's pretty much a matter of using the "create vertex" button or taking a flat-sided poly and erasing the other vertexes (vertii? always get confused with that).