Linux - KDE or Grome


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Hi there, I need to install Linux in one of my PC for a university class, we are going to use Red hat linux 9 but I want to know wish graphical interface is better KDE or grome, plz help me out

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What do you want to do with it?

Both KDE and Gnome are horribly bloated. I think Gnome is slightly faster though. Since you will probably want to get work done in class, you could look at more lightweight desktop environments. Xfce is one.
Well, there's a little bit more to it than that; KDE and Gnome are software suites. In addition to the graphical layer running on top of X (KDE was built on Qt, Gnome on GTK, IFRC), both are complete with text editors, file browsers, web browsers, chat clients, configuration programs, etc. I've been using KDE since I switched from Gnome a few years ago. Before then, Gnome's interface and software complement weren't as professional as KDE's (might not be as professional now, either, but I wouldn't know); my computer could handle the extra load KDE had over Gnome, so I switched and haven't gone back.

For slower systems I use XFCE, and for ancient computers I use Windowmaker and Enlightenment. XFCE comes with a few extra programs in addition to the interface, and Windowmaker and Enlightenment are pretty much exclusively interface.

I would definitely say give KDE a try.
I remember when Gnome was the bloated, sluggish one compared to KDE... but that was back when Gnome 1.0 was first released. :D Have you tried just using Windowmaker or something and then running a light desktop program on top of it instead? KDE and Gnome are convenient to use, but as Kris has noted are rather big and resource-intensive otherwise.