Line of Sight vs. Line of Fire


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Hey everyone,

I sent Ironduke an email (during the April Fools joke, I couldn't post), this was our conversation:

Question: Can we even “see” the Epees for an lock IR? Does the destroyer block our line-of-sight, or does it not matter?


Other ships don't block line of sight or line of fire - only asteroid fields do at this time. So yes, locking on the Epees is possible!

So my question is: shouldn't ships block line of fire? Sure, if you miss the ship in front, there's a chance you hit the ship behind.. but a 'hit' roll on the ship in front should nullify firing at ships behind, even if it was them you were targetting...

Specifically, let's the Terrans tried to fire at us through the Destroyer; shouldn't they have to "miss" the destoyer to get to us?


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That's assuming that this is a perfect 2D plane, which I don't t know if the game is supposed to represent. An asteroid field would have a better chance of blocking a lock because it is spread out over a wide area in three dimensions, while a ship like a destroyer takes up a far smaller area.


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Well it is and it isn't. I always consider that these 2D battlefields represent a sort of 'probable occupied area', a zone in which you are likely to be. As such the hit/miss rules for the game should be taking into account the 3rd dimension position of an object when you set the likelihood of being hit.


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I think that would overcomplicate the game. Getting into a firing position is already not an easy accomplishment. With the vastness of space, there should be enough room to shoot through occupied hexes. So basically, I agree with Vinman here.

I could live with a small percentage chance to hit a ship that's directly in front of you and no more than 1-2 hexes away (maybe around 5-10%) when you're trying to shoot through its hex.


I'm with Vinman here - he explained it pretty much perfect, which makes me think of hiring him for the next release of the manual. :p

We could extend the friendly fire rule, so that you might hit other ships in your line of fire when rolling a 2, but otherwise I wouldn't want to make complicated LOS or LOF rules. (Maybe as an optional advanced rule - sometime.)


Missed an A;)

But nice try... :p