LGR Unboxes a Creative/Origin 1995 Time Capsule (September 1, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
We've got a lot of YouTube in this week's news slate! Today's video is a huge nostalgia trip by Lazy Game Reviews. LGR managed to get ahold of a brand new sealed Creative Labs bundle with a Sound Blaster, double speed CD-ROM, speakers and tons of awesome games. While quad speed drives were starting to hit the market and WC3 was starting to light up the sales charts, this would have still been a very nice set in early 1995. The $380 MSRP (nearly $700 in today's money) was a bit pricey, but not a bad deal. It was everything you needed to turn your boring old PC into a multimedia powerhouse! He goes through the unboxing of the exquisite machinery, then hardware installation and software setup. The included games are a win: Ultima VIII, Strike Commander, Syndicate Plus, Wing Commander II and more. And it's fun to see how much fun he's having opening all this!

2X CD-ROM! Sound Blaster 16! Speakers! Tons of software! This time on LGR we're revisiting the mid 1990s to unbox and install a Creative Sound Blaster Discovery CD bundle — new old stock! I drooled over these as a kid but owning one was never anything more than a dream. Until now, 26 years later!

Original update published on September 1, 2021