KS WC1 screen size....


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when I play WC1 the top and bottom of the screen are drawn off the screen. The monitor is a flat screen lcd and doesn't have the option to compress the image... is there any other way to make it fit? it really sucks when I can't see a fair amount of the screen on each side...


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I have the same problem with WC 1 as you do. I haven't tried WC2 to see if it has the same problem. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions.....


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I couldn't imagine trying to play WC 1 or 2 on a LCD monitor, the line doubling would make me cry out in pain.

Unfortunately, LCD monitors generally have a native resolution that is superb, but if you have to do any other resolution bad, bad things happen.

Go buy a cheap CRT monitor or hook it up to a TV if you have a tv out :)


All monitors, even LCD monitors, have those controls. What brand is it? I use a Samsung. Whenever I play "Raptor: Call of the Shadows" I have to adjust the screen. No big deal.


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Yeah, the LCD is somewhat incompatible. You can probably fix this by playing with the onscreen and windows controls.