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Alright, I've known about WC's existance since the early 90's, but I never got to actually play it until last year when I played the original on EA Replay for the PSP, and this year, when I played the Sega CD version. Many of you have probably been into the franchise longer than I have, so I must know:HOW ON EARTH DO YOU LAND AFTER EACH MISSION? I looked at the manual, which is really big for a Sega CD game (64 pages!), and it said you need to contact somebody first (I got that), and then look for some gray area on the Tiger's Claw. Where exactly is this? And what do you do next? Could someone kindly simplify how to land or whatever for me? The first time I cleared the first mission on the Sega CD version, I had no idea how to land, and I ended up ejecting for no reason, and Halcyon gave me a medal anyway, and one time playing today I managed to land, but I don't know how I did it. I didn't get a medal this time, and this time Spirit was with me when I was getting debriefed. Many of you here have obviously been fans of the franchise longer than I have, so I figured you could help. Sorry if this sounds a little surprising, but most of the games I play are arcade style action games and side scrollers.

By the way, I have some unrelated topic questions:

1.How come Christopher "Maverick" Blair is referred to as "Hot Shot" in the Sega CD version?
2.Is that Cam Clarke doing Halcyon's voice in the SCD game? It sounds like him, but I can't find the voice acting credits anywhere to confirm it.

And why is N O O B censored out?
What you do is:
Contact the Tigers Claw
Fly Towards the Tigers Claw.
Make sure Pontoons are in the back/bottom
Fly towards the deck, Number side up

You got the medal for surviving an ejection. (Golden Sun) Halcyon explains to you that you only get that medal once in a career

The reason why it's censored is because it is used as a flame.
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To land on the Tiger's Claw you need to line up with the 'front' of the carrier (after requesting permission to land). It should look like the view in the upper left-hand corner of this image:


Blair was called 'Hot Shot' in the SegaCD version because the character didn't have an "official" name back then. In the first two PC games you entered your own name and it displayed that in text during conversations (this was before full speech). When they did the SegaCD port they needed to come up with a nickname they could use when they recorded the speech... and Hot Shot was it.

I don't know about the SegaCD voices - I'll look into it!
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I changed the thread title using the weird spelling from the Wing Commander IV novelization. No one can complain about that!
So how many names and callsigns does Blair has before the official ones?

Can we still consider LaFong after we found out he's a different guy?
Well, lets see...

* The Wing Commander I & II Ultimate Strategy Guide names him Carl "Prankster" LaFong (from a W.C. Fields movie).

* The SegaCD port calls him "Hot Shot".

* Super Wing Commander 3DO/Mac calls him "Maverick" Armstrong.

* The Wing Commander bible says that he started his career as "Falcon" and then changed his callsign to "Phoenix" after the events of Wing Commander II. The novel End Run references him as such at one point.

* An early issue of Point of Origin calls him "Arturo Blair' (for 'our hero bluehair').

* He was referred to as 'Bluehair' during the development of Wing Commander I.

* The 'mouth script' for Wing Commander 1 says 'Dipstick' whenever it reaches the variable for the player's name.

* Wing Commander Academy and Armada feature in their manual characters likely intended to be Blair. The Academy one is named Jack Lombard, and the Armada one us unnamed (though may be 'Jacorski', referred to as the 'big man' on the Lexington). Both characters backgrounds seem to be the same as Blair's (Lombard had a relationship with Angel, knew Hobbes, was enemies with Maniac, etc.... Armadaman was on the Concordia and feuded with Tolwyn).