Kilrathi Saga - Windows XP


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Could someone test these files for me. You will need to rename it .zip rather than .txt. The archive contains two compatibility fixes for KS. Both set WC1 (and SM exe's) to Win98 compatibility mode. The difference is WCKS.sdb just sets WC3 to Win98 Compatibility mode, while the WCKSLP.sdb also lowers the thread priority.

To install them, extract which file you wish to use to C:\WINDOWS\AppPatch\

Then goto run and put this:

sdbinst c:\windows\apppatch\WCKS.sdb


sdbinst c:\windows\apppatch\WCKSLP.sdb

whichever is appropriate. Also you will need to make sure the individual files do not have compatibility mode on them as it will overwrite these. I'm still trying to figure out what Wing Commander 2 needs to fix it. If you'd like to help grab this from Microsoft and use the Compatibility Administrator Tool.


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Too bad :(
I don't have my WC KS version here at home. Otherwise I'd test the WCIII fix you made. (WC1 and WC2 work fine for me anyway)


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Bugger, anyone else got WCIII around that need to lower the priority?

And I did the WC1 fix as after installing SM it kept crashing, using Win95 compatibility mode it still crashed sometimes and the mouse was laggy but Win98 was fine.

WC2 the video's play too fast when noone is speaking, so I want to try figure out why that's happening.


Lunitari said:
I downloaded the file and changed the extension to .zip, but it is still a text file.
:confused: Are you sure it's not called ? I mean: Can you see the extensions for all your files in your File-Manager? If not, that's the prob: You have to change the view-otions under Extra, directory options (or whatever it's called in English) to show all file-extensions.


I was finally able to test your patch with my KS WCIII version. - Still crashes. :( after the Intro, to be exact. Too bad... :\


Thank you very much; this finally got Wing Commander I running correctly for me.