Kilrathi Saga up for sale


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when i first got the game i was using a windows98 operating system
233mhz pentium with mmx
64 mbs ram and 16 mb voodoo pci video card
all the games on KS played great although i do agree with the horrible issues with WC2,and being a keyboard player i hated holding shift to move the ship which i wasnt used to. i think i went thru 3 keyboards from hitting the space bar/fire button numerous times. :D
but at the time this was an ideal system for the game for me.


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I had the EA's Ultimate Sci-fi Series... it didn't include the ICIS Guide! Only the Flight Manual. Can you believe that?


Kilrathi Saga

I would like to see a DVD release of The Kilrathi Saga. They don't really have to update graphics or anything. Simply re-release it on DVD fixing all the bugs so that the games will be compliant with modern day machines. Running the existing release is hit and miss. Something as great as The Kilrathi Saga should be properly preserved.