Kane returns in C&C3

Yes, although how prevalent the live-action/green-screen footage is in-between the offline, rendered CGI (as seen in the E3 2006 launch video) and/or cinematics using the game engine, remains to be seen.

Just watched the high res trailer...looks absolutely fantastic! I was only a quasi fan of the C&C series although I did really enjoy Red Alert, the others were merely average computer games to me. This new one looks great however.
Kane is cool. Some say he is the Biblical Kane, what would explain his apparent immortality. Or maybe he's the embodiment of a perennial revolutionary spirit.
There is actually no indication that Kane isn't mortal. When we last see him in C&C:TS it is revealed that his appearance is computer enhanced, and he really has a lot of skull-plate stuff going on due to his injuries recieved during the destruction of the Temple of Nod in the previous war. It could just be that the guy in TS didn't make sure he was dead enough and he managed to patch himself up again.

Remember, the proper rule of fiction is, if there isn't a dead body, then ain't nobody dead.
He was burnt alive by an ion cannon, and then impaled, and he has been around for decades, perhaps centuries without any sign of aging.
Well it depends on what ending of Tiberian Sun they decide to be the official story ending. If it was the Nod victory, then he was able to launch his missile and transform almost all life on Earth with some Tiberium "enhancments" as he called them. Perhaps those enhancements eliminatied his scars and healed him. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
In most cases the "Good Guys Win" ending is considered official I would say. But of course we don't know what the C&C team has cooked up. I'm betting on clones.
Kane actually works for the soviets in the first Red Alert. You see him in the background in an FMV or two I believe.
Halman said:
Kane actually works for the soviets in the first Red Alert. You see him in the background in an FMV or two I believe.
The Soviet Ending for RA1 shows Stalin being killed, and Kane saying something about the Brotherhood taking charge, and quotes the line from Genesis about the Land of Nod. This leads me to believe that the Red Alert and Tiberium storylines are interconnected. It would go like this: If the Allies win during Red Alert, the story would continue with Red Alert 2. If the Soviets win, then it continues with the Tiberium universe.

Kane lives in death!

I don't think that the Nod won in Sun, after all, Kane in that moment destroys the station Philadelphia, and in one of those movies, you can hear reference that the uplink is being established in the Philadelphia.

Another thing to take into consideration was the ending of the FireStorm expansion, in one of the endings, it almost makes Kane out to be an AI controlled psudo-human... at least that's the idea that I felt they were trying to convey. It looked like CABAL was merely reviving another human host-body for "Kane" to inhabit.

But on another note, I couldn't tell very well in the video, but is that indeed Joseph Kucan, or was it another actor?
Indeed it is

Yes, Joseph Kucan has returned as the messianic(sp) figure. Man, he was sooo perfect for the part - I can't imagine anyone else in the role.

Weren't there two GDI endings for Tiberian Sun as well? I know there were two in the first game, but I thought you might have gotten a different ending with the Ion Cannon in TS. I never took the time to find out. Anyway, the ending I got with GDI I personally thought sucked - NOD's was much better.

Say... anyone notice how GDI has gone from tanks to walkers/hovercraft and back to tanks? Why'd they do such a thing? Either they oughtta stick with tanks or walkers - quit flopping back and forth.