Just got WC4



*clears throat*

Now that that's out of the way, I'm hoping someone can point me to where I can find a guide for installing the game correclty along with the WC4 patch? I don't know how to do either of those things. I actually just tried installing WC4 flat out of the disc using instructions on the WC4 Tech Support page and after i tried to copy the files it gave me an error saying I should run a "bootdisk" and create a floppy drive or some such. So I'm not sure what to do at this point and I can't find another tutorial that'll help me out. Help appreciated.

Once again... WHOO! Been waiting to play WC4 on the computer for at least 10 years now. Only played it on the PSX back in the day :).
Congratulations.. We need more information about what's going on here before we can help you though. Do you have the DOS version of the game (not Windows or DVD)? What are you trying to install this to? The Tech Support section's walk through tells you exactly how to install the DOS version in DOSBox on a modern system. If you are in actual DOS, you'll need to know about DOS CD-ROM and sound card drivers.
I have the 6 CD version. I think it's for Windows 95 but I'm not sure. Here's what happened. i tried installing it through DosBox using the instructions on tech support. That gave me the error I mentioned earlier. THEN I tried going into the cd itself and clicking "setup" and that took me to the same screen I saw in DosBox. The only trouble was that I could not move the cursor around at all and couldn't do anything actually, even alt-tab out. On the fourth try when I tried hitting ctrl>enter to minimize the window I got a pretty serious error message about some file, igxdrive or something like that, and how I should update my drivers and whatnot. I tried this with Win95 compatibility on and off.

But I'm just not sure if I'm trying to install it correctly. I was pretty successful going through DosBox (although it was pretty slow, my cursor would just -inch- across the screen) until I got the error at the end telling me to create a boot disk.

Okay, I've got WC4 installed. Used DosBox to do it. It runs but the video playback is laggy as all hell and the sound is choppy. Do I just increase the cycles on Dosbox (it's already at 60,000!) or is there something else I can do? Also, I can't get back -in- to Wing Commander 4 after installing it so I can test anything new. I tried using the instructions on the tech support page (mounting d: and navigating my way to WC4) but the best I can do is get back to the install screen. Even though I did save my settings after I closed the installer.

EDIT 2 - Sorry for board spam, I intended to make this post an edit to my earlier one. Didn't mean to make a new post entirely.
As we said in the other thread, you start the game by navigating to the hard drive directory, not the disc. That was a mistake. How fast is your computer? Many computers simply aren't powerful enough to play WC4 in DOSBox. If that were the case, you could install the Windows 95 patch in DOSBox though, and that should work fine in XP.

There's a number of things you can do to smooth the game though. Your computer may not be able to handle 60,000 cycles. That could be too high and actually slow the computer down. Changing the core from normal to dynamic will allow you to experiment with higher cycle values. You could also increase the frameskip by a few. Another option would be to set cycles=auto in the dosbox.conf and attempt to let DOSBox find the correct speed.