It's What's Inside that Matters (December 25, 2010)

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Long Live the Confederation!
In 1999, a company called SciPubTech announced plans to publish a poster of the Wing Commander movie's version of the TCS Tiger Claw. It was a very exciting prospect--SciPubTech was known for mind-blowing cutaway posters of Star Trek and Star Wars spacecraft.

Sadly, it was not to be: the poster suffered several delays and the release was ultimately cancelled. Thanks to a postage-stamp sized preview showing the unfinished image, though, fans knew that a great deal of work had been done on the project.

Years of repeated attempts to contact SciPubTech about the image were met with silence; either the company had gone out of business entirely or they just weren't interested in talking about the Wing Commander poster. Finally, we decided to try a new tactic--find the artist responsible for the poster. Research revealed that Christopher Cushman was the man responsible for several of SciPubTech's iconic Enterprise posters... and NinjaLA was able to track him down!

Christopher turned out to be a very kind person and a fellow sci-fi aficionado who appreciated our cause. We learned that the Wing Commander poster was actually done by his equally talented brother, Matthew Cushman... and that it was finished and colored!

So, without further ado, here is a holiday present for WingNuts everywhere--the absolutely beautiful long lost Tiger Claw cutaway poster!

Original update published on December 25, 2010
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A high-res. printer!
Santa, I need a high-resolution printer!

...Santa no, come baaaack!

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The SciPubTech site is still online, anyone knows if orders placed there are being processed at all?


Alex Von T.
blows you away how pretty that carrier is in such high detail. It almost makes me wish there was a scene in the movie where half the ship is peeled away in a broadside.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I can tell you exactly how long it was for me. According to my e-mail backups, the poster was announced February 12, 1999... and then we got this from Mr. Curshman on October 9, 2010. That is 4,257 days. :)


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That's great, thanks for sharing this with us.

On the Dralthi's cockpits are markings - do you think it's a projected HUD or even more decoration?


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Do we know anything about a ship from lower left corner of the poster (I think it's a destroyer of some kind?) class, stats etc? I really like the design


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I think they're the two destroyers that the Claw engages in the movie, though I can't recall for sure - looks like one of them has already been blown up by Paladin ('au revoir, mes amis!').

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Do we know anything about a ship from lower left corner of the poster (I think it's a destroyer of some kind?) class, stats etc? I really like the design

Well we do know that it's the (movie version) Ralari-class Destroyer



Cruising Velocity

2 Turreted Lasers
15 Point-Defense
2 Antimatter Guns
8 Torpedo Tubes

Fore and aft meson shields
25cm fore/15cm rear armor
20cm port/starboard armor

If that is of any help


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Yup, Ralari:
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