It Pays To Run EA (April 23, 2006)


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GamaSutra recently analyzed a report on CEO compensation and found just one game company CEO that made the list. Forbes Magazine recently documented the payouts that America's 500 largest companies received in 2005. Electronic Arts was the only company that met Forbes' criteria, and EA CEO Larry Probst ranked 114th on the list. Mr. Probst's overall 2005 compensation came in at $12.59 million, and that would bring his total for the last five years to almost $82 million. That's small change for a company that managed to grow from $1.3 billion in annual revenues in 2001 to $3.0 billion by 2004 (for almost $12 billion cumulative hauls since 2001 for those keeping track). He joined EA in the early 1980s when the company was just a few years old and has been CEO for the last fifteen years, since around the same time that the company acquired Origin. He had this to say about the series in 1996.
Adds Electronic Arts Chairman and CEO Larry Probst, "We have long believed the best-selling Wing Commander franchise was the perfect vehicle to move our compelling interactive content to a broader entertainment medium."

Original update published on April 23, 2006
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Larry Probst allways struck me as looking like Michael McKean, the guy from Spinal Tap...


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