I'm new here, and I'm glad to see a WC community


Without getting into the dead or alive debate

Someone (I think it was Karl) once took a large number of screenshots of that final scene, and I think the conclusion was that the tower he was in probably went through the wormhole.

I think we can assume he wasn't in the tower seen drifting through space. Surely they'd have checked it out if he was, and found him or his remains.

Zor Prime

That guy.
Actually, he did got through the wormhole. And when he emerged, he was on the set of the Jay and Silent Bob movie.


LOAF, your own "version" of the beggining WC2 script was hilarious. I also liked the post that said Thrakath would reveal to Blair he was his father in WC3.

:) Good Times


Kris, but we never see it, so we don't know, which is my point. Neither do you, or anyone else. No proof, only assumptions.
"Some topics have been debated to death". But there is no conclusive evidence.