Idea: Tips for new players


If you're starting out I recommend the following:

1) Sell the laser. Upgrade to Meson blasters.
2) Sell the missle launcher.
3) Sell the Plasteel armour. Get Tungsen instead.
4) Buy the afterburner

For the next few trips, sell cargo from the mining stations to the agricultural planet. This will generate cash quickly.

Don't get into any dogfights because you're not getting paid for it. Just outrun the ships.


RZetlin said:
If you're starting out I recommend the following:
2) Sell the missle launcher.
In the original this was a good way to get some fast cash - sell the missile laucher for 10,000 and buy a torpedo launcher for 2,000 or don't buy anything at all. However, in the Remake there is no such thing as a missile launcher; missiles and torpedos mount directly to the rails.

Thus, you can't sell the missile launcher, and just selling the missiles gives you some measly cash. In fact, I recommend buying more missiles as soon as you can, perhaps even by selling your onyl laser. Why? In the beggining of the game a Talon or two can tear you up if you're not lucky. Having 2 missiles per Talon lets you blow them away instantly so you can get your precious cargo to its destination. Those missiles are a cheap way of ensuring your survival.


Here is a tip, buy one of each product when you start trading and see what the profit is on each one when you visit different destinations, then you can find the most lucrative.

the Troy system is good for quick trading once you get afterburner but it seems to dry up once you have made enough money for a jumpdrive, so ask around in the bars for pointers to other destinations and then save up and buy all the sector maps from shipyard software dept for a discount. (ctrl N brings the maps up in flight)

another tip, once out of Troy and encountering asteroids select your destination and use F7 (with F12 to zoom out) to help you navigate these hazards
You don't actually have to buy maps in the Remake; you can make your own map just by flying around. As you reach each system, all the other systems you can jump to from there will appear on your map.

Here are my personal tips, from experience.

Upgrade priority for Tarsus:

Tungsten Armor
Proton Torpedoes in place of Dumbfires
Replace Laser with Meson Guns
Tractor Beam
Reactor L1
Shields L2
Turnjet Enhancer (Turning)
Thrust Enhancer (Accel)
High-end radar (B&S EYE or B&S Omni)
Autotracking, if you want it
Replace Meson Guns with Tachyon Cannons1

I know I missed something there, but you definitely want what I listed in that order. Once you have it, my suggestion is to do missions until you have enough to max-equip either a Demon or Centurion. Personally, I'd go for the Centurion, but it's your call.

Once you max-equip a Centurion, talk to Confed fixers and check Defend missions whenever you can. With a max-equipped Centurion, if you play it right, you can manage Defend missions against 15-plus ships. (Talons are much, much easier to compete with than Dralthi or Gothri.) Those missions pay upwards of 250,000 each, and I've goten 700,000 on one from a Confed fixer. Your bankroll will grow and grow.


I recomend using Demon, it is faster and Zoom'n Boom tactic works beter. This is with Tracking guns, if not, then C may be beter as it has two missile tubes.
Z&B tactic is bit like the one enemy uses exept that you must NOT turn 180 and away from enemy, but you basicaly Zoom through enemy swarm firing (but do conserve energy so guns actualy have something to shoot), small changes of cource are OK, but as you may notice is that after hard turn your speed will drop and every enemy will be firing at you, so if you miss enemy, then just keep going ahead and wait for another pass.

I just finished 3 bounty missions... At same nav point... 20talons each +those who i got paid for. (woud it be too much to ask, that i coud see what is mission target and witch is just escort so i woud not need to blast 40+ talons to find the other 2 after i had killed 1st imediately at begining) Also that "H" key is IMHO suposed to show closest enemy. Other key needed is key that selects enemy that is just in my sights or least the one that is closest to my sights.


Solon Halwinder said:
you definitely want what I listed in that order
I have to disagree. First, IMO, Tachyon cannons should be one of the first offensive items you buy, long before turn enhancers or anythign like that. Second, you should never buy level 2 shields on a Tarsus because you can't buy a level 2 reactor and you will have a severe energy deficit.

Anyway, each to his own; here is my list, in order.
Missiles for quick kills early on (guns are uneccessary if you are in Troy, are broke and have a few missiles)
Level 1 Reactor
Jump Drive
Tachyon cannons
possibly a cargo expansion and/or a tractor beam

I don't bother with enhancers and a good scanner until I get a new ship.
I think the reactor levels are thrown off because your starting reactor is a "Reactor Level 0" instead of "Reactor Level 1"; if your logic was right, you would have a power deficit from the time you started a new game until you got a Reactor L1, and I'm quite sure you don't. I was fine with L2 shields/L1 reactor in my Tarsus in both the Remake and the original.

The reason I put Tachyons last on the list was because it was about the last thing I did when I was upgrading my Tarsus; Meson Guns worked just fine for me for a long while.

Also, the reason I suggest max-upgrading it (the Tarsus) is so that you have a backup ship just in case.


Solon Halwinder said:
if your logic was right, you would have a power deficit from the time you started a new game until you got a Reactor L1, and I'm quite sure you don't.
Sure you do. Any load on your reactor in addition to your shields will drain your energy reserves very quickly until you purchase a level 1 reactor. Perhaps "deficit" was a misleading term, but I feel you are a large disadvantage if your shield level exceeds your reactor level.
My impression was that if you had a higher level shield than your reactor could handle, your capacitors (gun/afterburner indicator) would drain and then your shield strength would drop to where the reactor COULD handle it. This doesn't happen to me using a Tarsus with Reactor 1/Shield 2.

Lazy Panda

It used to be so in original Privateer, too. You would not lose energy with Shield2/Reactor1, but your regeneration will suck.


I was woundering if selling a pirate who ejected after you balsted his ship to bits as a slave hurt your realtions with any one except for pirates?


I'm about the same except that i have about 800k (Gotta love those 47k rescue pilot missions... mn.... I probably made 30 times more money off my tractor beam than my guns, and 5 times more off it than my jump engine), and have completed two story line missions.

I wouldn;t mind soem newbie help either.

Can i have your save game? Thanks!!!