I wanna fly the old ships!


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Also, the end conversation between Casey and Talvert implies that they very well know that the danger is not over, as does the final SOPS fiction, stating that new Worm holes have appeared. So, increasing the offensive power is not so odd.

I'd agree with that if the WCP/WCSO ships weren't getting the job done...but they were. I didn't see a whole slew of prevelant flaws in the fighter design that needed to be changed before they could go to full scale war.

But maybe that was just me. I know the upgrade to the Piranha was probably a necessary one, I've seen alot of people complain about the combat capabilites of that particular ship.


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Oh, I was only arguing against your statement that increasing the offensive power would be odd because Confed tought the war was over. Confed didn't think the war was over, that was my point.

I think the upgrade to ion cannons did rather diminsh the fighting capabilities of the ships: in most cases the refire rate dropped considerably. I think the WCP ships are very powerful (except for the Shrike) and didn't need any upgrade to be effective against the Nephilim.

And then in SOPS, the player ships get even more powerful whereas the Nephilim ships get even weaker because their guns were weakened.

(Incidentally, I found the new alien weapons' effects in SOPS to be really strange and not the good kind of strange).