I think I found an actor to play Tolwyn in a WC-prequel.


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Whaddaya think? He's a natural! No CGI there! :D

This is of course the son of Malcom McDowell and Mary Steenburgen: Charlie McDowell (b.1983).
In all seriousness he would have been perfect for the role..:)

Or...If they make a WC-sequel he could play the son/grandson of Admiral Tolwy, now a disgraced family name, with him being a newly examined pilot trying to chase away the ghost of his not-so-illustrious family.


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He does have a little resemblance to his father. Has he actually acted in anything I might have seen?


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On the general subject, I think Paul Bettany pulled off real well playing young version of McDowell's character in Gangster No 1.