I finally created my webpage!


Keen Commander
Not bad, it's still fairly incomplete though, isn'it? :) Some links are broken... :(

You might want to correct the spelling mistakes... ;-)

Are you working on a Quake 3 project as well?


Well I 'll fix those links as it is incomplete and fix my mispelled words especially on the opening page and thanks guys for the changes to be done.
And I am not working on a Q III project but just some stuffs were my friend is interested in updating that part.


Arcadian, a few friendly pointers.

1. Lose the Javascript 'password' thing.
2. Lose the table borders.
3. Pinch code from other sites to make it look nicer :) That means plain, not attempting to use images for everything. Good designs CAN be achieved without using any graphics (or very minimal - #define


Professor Emeritus
As a professional Web developer...

I offer some important pieces of advice for those of you interested in developing Web pages:

1) Don't be afraid to ask people here and elsewhere for help. We all had to start someplace, and it takes time to learn and develop a style that suits you. Until that time, use your peers to get ideas and gain knowledge of how to do things. Most people are more than happy to help.

2) Scour the 'Net looking for how-to and tutorial sites. They also can be an immense resource,a nd you will eventually find the ones that help you the most. The ones that I have found most useful:


3) Never, EVER, code your sites for a single browser. It's rude and presumptuous, considering that you can't know exactly who on the WWW will try to access your site. Your best bet is to start with the W3C standard, then include any necessary hooks for browsers (IE4, NS4) which may use proprietary aspects.

4) Be creative, but keep usability in mind at all times. If your viewers can't get to the information on your site quickly and clearly, they will leave and not return.

5) Have fun with it, but be patient. Like everything else, you don't get good at Web development overnight.


Keen Commander
Considering how good his site looks, Phoenix's advice is precious, Arcadian... :)
It's worth taking...


Thanks for the advice akashra, but I'm going to ignore it. I designed my site for a single purpose, and I feel that it accomplishes that purpose. It's got content, which is more important than fanciness in my book.

It's meant to look more like a terminal in a starbase than a website. Hence the login thing (even though it is slighy annoying). ONce again, thanks for the advice, but when it's not asked for . . .:)

Now if I want to make my page a lot "more" then I'll follow a lot of what phoenix says. Expecially looking for tutorials.
Why spend 30,000 on an education you can get from 2.30 in late fines to the library.

For right now I'm happy with how my site looks, cause I feel it gives people what I want it to.

Thank you ladies and gentleman, Goodnight.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
It's a pretty nifty page. The P2 background is the best background in the history of backgrounds.

Semi-Off-Topic: One of the things I've always wanted to do is have a really, really simple web page -- like basic text and images only to show what things look like... the absolute minimum formatting. Like a web page circa 1994. One of those projects I swear I'll do sometime <G>


Dak, I see a site with lots of images, banners, and leaked HTML...
I guess you could call that simple :/

Simple pages can be good, so long as the backgrounds dont stuff them up.