Help with SWC on imac G3 "Bondi" , usb joystick support? Speed for SWC?



I recently got a used imac G3. This has a 333 MHz power pc processor installed, 32mb ram, and has original OS 8.1 installed. I have a thrustmaster top gun usb fox 2 pro usb stick.

Can anybody please help me in getting Super Wing commander to recognize the TM top gun?

Also, does anyone know if there is any way to reduce the speed to make SWC more playable?

Should I be running a different OS from 8.1?

Thanks to Bandit LOAF and wingnut for your advice; I realize this machine is not the ideal system for SWC, but I was saving it from the junk pile after repairing a friends Asteroids Deluxe board....It would be great to get SWC to run properly on this system with my TM top gun. Please help if you can. Thanks, mk
Hey! I have no idea about the thrustmaster, I'm sorry :( You probably tried this already but just in case, to get it to slow down you can try increasing the screen size to large (cmd-3 or in the menubar) .