Happy Birthday Wing Commander! (September 26, 2009)


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What are you doing today? If you're here at the CIC, it's probably commemorating the 19th birthday of Wing Commander! The original release of Wing Commander 1 shipped out on September 26, 1990. Anniversary #19 is a little bit anticlimactic, but we're already looking forward to plans for the big 2-0 next year. How are you celebrating today? Hit the discuss link and let everyone know. If I might make a recommendation: I've noticed that lots of people are still missing Wing Commander games, books or other merchandise from their collection. Why not order something you're missing today?

Original update published on September 26, 2009
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Ah, 1990 I was just 18 (tho 19 by Oct) and a friend had WC on his computer, took my Sega Gen to a pawn shop right away and then I had to save about a year but I Finnly got a PC and WC1 around the 2nd birthday. almost 38 now, but I still sometimes give the game a good play thru. When I do tho I can;t stop with just one, I have to play from WC1 till the end of WCP/SO.
I always remember for about the first 20 attempts smashing into the asteroids in mission 1 and getting so frustrated thinking this game is crap so much so that I was tempted to take it back then I descovered the navmap and a way to get around them :p and in doing so was pulled head first into the greatest game series there is
Oh no, I missed it! Happy belated birthday WC, you're the best of all video games! Sitting besides my brother for almost all the night and watching him play you made me fall in love with you. Thanks for so many happy experiences!