Happy 14th Birthday, CIC! (August 11, 2012)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
If we'd had a kid instead of a Wing Commander community, they'd be starting high school right now. Let THAT sink in!

This was a good year to be a Wing Commander fan. Between the GOG releases of the series and the DVD set of Wing Commander Academy, everything is just plain available again in a way I never would have predicted. Who knows what kind of surprises 2013 will bring? As I look at our sister community getting their Origin franchise relaunched by EA and the core concept revisited by their games' creator, I just know the same will be happen for Wing Commander. And it could be soon!

But for now, enjoy the birthday! I'll warn you that we decided it just wasn't possible to top the 100+ updates last year... and our staff has been busy with several projects that unfortunately we can't reveal tonight. Nevertheless, you'll find an extraordinary array of Wing Commander history updates, fan contributions and all the old traditions in today's news!

Be sure and stop by #WingNut for trivia and chat through the night! It's great to be able to have one of these on a Friday night.

Original update published on August 11, 2012
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Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Happy Birthday Wingnuts!

Here's to the first time in 14 years crashing the CIC ourselves!

Long Live The Confederation!


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Too many beers aboard to work out IRC..Happy birthday CIC!...and thanks a million for everything.

P.S. Today is the 75th birthday of the electric guitar.


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Hey, so once more - happy birthday! And let me guess... the special guest showed up three minutes after I went to sleep? :) Or was he unable to make it in the end?


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He showed up around... 9PM PST or a bit before that and stayed for about 2 hours.


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
What a great party! (Until I passed out drunk!)

It was great to see so many wingnuts together! I know we say this every year, but that needs to happen more often!


Alex Von T.
yeah.. last night was truly fun.. you all need to come by more often and hang around for a bit!


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He showed up around... 9PM PST or a bit before that and stayed for about 2 hours.
Darn! Living in Europe has its disadvantages :(. I stayed up to almost 5AM (which may well be 9PM PST - sounds close enough, in any case), but it wasn't long enough.

I suppose I could've just not gone to sleep at all, but unfortunately I needed to be more or less conscious the next day. Ah, well.


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Hey there,

I am sorry, I could not come to the party.

I hope, that you celebrated hard and that you had a good time. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great, dedicated reports throughout the last years. You are great :>.



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I understand a full log is in the works (mine has a break in it due to the server down-time), but for those who missed Chris Roberts' appearance and can't wait any longer, I've put up the section at which he's present. There's also the abbreviated Q&A version if you don't have time to read through the multiple conversations that were happening. (Apologies if I mixed up some conversations, it was a bit hard to follow everything.)

I've edited time-stamps to UTC, for your convenience.