*Salutes* Cadet SulliMike23 reporting for duty!

I'm sure some of you recall my name by my anime music video known as "Macross Commander". I was not sure where to post my greeting if they're allowed at all so I posted it here.

Anywho! I got into Wing Commander after playing the SNES version from my cousin's copy, seeing the animated tv series, and the movie. I hope to learn more about Wing Commander by just being a member here.


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Welcome to the forums. I suggest you try to find some more Wing Commander games to play. Ebay is a good place to start. In the meantime, there are fan projects like Gemini Gold (I would recommend this one first, as it's an actual remake of one of the games) Standoff, Unknown Enemy, and of course the Standoff prologue that was just released.

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Hearty welcome. It's always good to see new members, but since I'm partly responsible for bringing you here by bringing the video the community's attention, I feel bound to give some advice, which may or may not be worth what it costs.

The best way to learn is to read the site and forums. There's a wealth of information on everything from game walkthroughs and controls to the most minute WC errata. If you remember Claw Marks, the Wing Commander games have always had amazing manuals, and the Manual Section has many of these. The best are, in my opinion, Voices of War from Wing Commander Armada, Victory Streak from Heart of the Tiger, and the ICIS supplement from Prophecy.

There's also the wealth of files, many gigabytes of them, stored on the CIC's servers. You may want to start out with the music section, which contains almost every track from every single Wing Commander game in some form, and the general Files section. Afterwards you'll want to check out the Holovids section with many, many videos of all types, from "making-of" featurettes to music videos (though unfortunately it seems yours has yet to be added.) The Wallpapers section is a source of lovely artwork, as is the older Fan Art section, and the Documents section is a painstakingly collected and scanned archive of things that never were - games and television shows that never saw the light of day - as well as a fascinating look at the evolution of those that did. Of particular interest to many is the Wing Commander "Bible", which the series creators used as an internal reference from 1994 to about 1996 - although it's not considered canonical, it still makes for fascinating reading.

Although they're older and more familiar, the Ships Database and Articles section make for good reading as well, although the latter has some older, inaccurate pieces in it. The Encyclopedia, besides being far from complete, is full of many, many spoilers, but it is a relatively accurate source for personal biographies and the like (far more so than, say, Wikipedia, although that isn't saying anything at all.)

Finally, the forums are the lifeblood of the site.

Read the rules.

I cannot stress this part enough. A lot of unnecessary head-butting has occured in the past because people skimmed over them while registering, ended up getting themselves chastised and then blew up in self-righteous indignation, often getting themselves unnecessarily banned as a result. Bans are usually very temporary things here, and you can usually get them removed by explaining yourself to an administrator in email, but like anywhere they're still something to be avoided.

Finally, this last part isn't really a pointer; more of a personal philosophy. You're certainly more than welcome to jump right into the fray, but I believe in lurking for a bit, reading old threads which often contain a wealth of information; basically getting the feel of the board, which in culture is far different from most of the rest of the internet. I think the old fighter pilot adage about one's chances of survival increasingly markedly after the first seven sorties applies here as well; your first few threads make or break you - but it's still possible to bounce back, as it is for old hands to fall. If you think you've found an angle on something that hasn't been covered before, by all means post about it; old concepts are constantly being re-examined as new discoveries come forth. It's a bit like history, really.

Good luck to you, and happy hunting here at the CIC.
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That's great advice; it should be available somewhere on the CIC all the time as a welcome greeting, kind of like the great WC game manuals you mentioned! :)