Going to Iceland in early May?

I wasn't sure where else I could post this with a straight face. See, I'm graduating this spring (woo!) from Iceland's Academy of the Arts (lhi.is - essentially minuscule departments for most artforms and architecture brought together under one administration to make running them a credible bother), music-department, playing the horn as my major, and as part of that I'll give a concert which appears to be mostly set for 9/5. If anyone of you happens to be in the general area and wouldn't mind rounding off the day with some music written for the horn, do swing by. I don't think there will be an entrance fee - isn't usually the case - but now the school isn't paying this bill anymore. Most likely not.

And, hm, there will be no need for the whole community to turn up! It's possible I'll have (at least?) half a dozen relatives coming, maybe a friend or two from back home, other kids from school (hey, I'm older'n most of 'em!), maybe even a small delegation from ISO (it's a small community, and my teacher works there) - and the target venue expects to seat around 80. Mkay? There will probably be a webradio kind of stream - they like to do that.

If you like to have the most up-to-date information on this, it's safest to contact me on Facebook (I just created an event, and all): Arve Eriksson
(My profile picture should look quite purple.)