Gauntlet missions


Rear Admiral
I have to ask... Are those gauntlet missions meant to be unbeatable?

(I'd be pretty impressed if someone managed to beat them - especially the Border Worlds gauntlet.)
IIRC I actually programmed those...

...I can't remember if I made them winnable or not after all this time, but being a gauntlet the aim is to constantly improve on your previous score so I doubt it.
Thanks, that would explain it... Good thing the Standoff gauntlets are actually winnable.

(I'm not suprised the UE gauntlets are unwinnable... I'm not sure if it would even make sense to make them winnable, since most of the ships in UE aren't exactly the best ships ever :p )
No, I'm pretty sure the gauntlets are limited in wave numbers, just like the Standoff gauntlets.