game related problem with WC1


While playing, if I start shooting or if I hit the afterburner while in a pitch or yaw motion, the game becomes locked in said motion, even if I stop pitching or yawing. Essentially, this means I can't keep the aiming reticle steady if I'm firing or using the afterburner. I don't know if this was intentional or if it's an actual problem, but either way it's quite bothersome.
That's really weird. Do you have conflicting inputs? Are you using a joystick and bumping the mouse or something? I can see the game's sound being locked in a loop, but I don't think I've ever heard of the game's controls being locked in a spiral while the game continues.
Well that particular possibility is not the case, but I'm not sure if my inputs are conflicting in other ways.
Since I ostensibly can't edit, I'll double post.

It seems like my game is incapable of handling more than one piece of information at a time. I also noticed that if I start firing while using the afterburner, the afterburner disengages.
It sounds like you're using the keyboard to control flight, firing, and afterburner. I've always had this same problem whenever I've tried to play the game with only the keyboard; you'd do well to learn to use the mouse or get ahold of a good old Gravis analog joystick (my personal favorite). I'm assuming you're playing on a Dos-based machine (as opposed to using Dosbox or some other emulator).


Edit: Electrically, I believe that an AT or PS/2 keyboard (as opposed to USB)--which is what you'd be using to play Wing1 on an old Dos PC--can only handle up to three key inputs at once. It seems that Wing Commander one maxes out at these three, so that turning in more than one direction at once while simultaneously firing or afterburning becomes impossible.