French TV Show's Wing Commander Segment Resurrected (April 6, 2022)


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Here's a nifty French find that dates back to 2009. It's a retrospective clip about the Wing Commander series that aired on the Nolife TV channel in France. They cover the main entries from Wing Commander 1 through Prophecy, plus they mention the movie and spend a few minutes on WC Arena, which was relatively new at the time. It would have been really cool to catch this on television! The channel went off the air in 2018, but Génération Nolife has been putting old episodes online. If you don't speak French, anyone can use YouTube's built in auto-translate feature to add captions in their preferred language.

Released May 5, 2009

A great classic of space opera.

Retro & Magic (or RaM for short) was a retro-gaming section retracing the history of video games. The section was presented and mainly written by Julien Pirou, the music of the credits is taken from the game Rock'n'Rage and the design is by Radigo (the redesign of the design, by Simon and Etienne Périn). Retro & Magic was broadcast every Tuesday (with the exception of certain dates) in the show 101% from June 2007 to April 2018 on the Nolife TV channel.

Original update published on April 6, 2022