Rear Admiral
Some people on the CIC are probably familiar with the space turn based strategy series 'Master of Orion' from the 90s. The game basically is similiar to Civilization with several alien races competing for control of a galaxy. The game involves you balancing your resources between researching technology, expanding your colonies and building a fleet to survive.
There has a been a long term fan project to produce an independent game that is similiar to the original Master of Orion that of course has a newer engine and better graphics called FreeOrion.

I'm announcing this in the CIC because I believe that all fan projects should receive as much public support as they can get. And since this is a Wing Commander site people may also have an interest in other game genres that take place in space. So if you're interested in having a look at what they have so far achieved check their website out. Their progress has stalled a bit lately so I'm sure if any people ever want to help with their project the developers would be grateful.

There is a forum that can be accessed from the main page