FRED scripting problem


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Hi guys, I've been messing around with FRED, but I have a question. Are you guys going to make the ships dockable in the final release? I'm currently building a mission which involves capturing an enemy destroyer, but the capture looks wierd because the boarding party can't actually contact the destroyer. So far, I just have the shuttle get close, then the IFF changes over. Anyway, I was wondering if this was planned for later on, or if I am perhaps missing something?

Secondly, I am having a bit of trouble after the capture, because I first have to disable the ship. Is there anything special that needs to be done in order to get the ship re-enabled? I put in a command to repair the engine subsystem, but it didn't seem to work? I am new with FRED, so I am probably missing something here...

Anyways, thanks for the responses and for your hard work on the mod!
Yeah, IIRC the Saga team didn't add dockpoints to their models. You could probably make the shuttle land in the hangar instead, though.
Sorry, I didn't added docking points to the ships. But they should be added in the main release in any case (creating docking points is always a pain :) )

If your destroyer isn't moving at all in this mission and sits on one place from the start, you could try to make a waypoint inside it's hangar and fly the shuttle to that position (or try if a friendly shuttle can enter the fighterbay in an enemy ship, but I doubt that)

As for the disabling stuff, you already went the correct path. Just read the description (short explanation in the grey part under the event editor precisly).

The "repair subsystem" requires the amount of % that the subsytems should be repaired when executing the SEXP (i.e. let's say your weapon-system is down to 10% and you insert repair 20%, it will be repaired to 30%)

The "set subsystem strength" set the actual percentage you enter directly (i.e. your weapon-system is down to 10% and you enter 20% here, it will be repaired to 20%.) See the difference ?

Also be sure that you trigger (time) the event correctly, maybe use the "chain" function to bound it to the previous event.

Hope that helps :)
Ok, thanks for the response. I'll probably wait until you guys add docking points before changing how I've coded the mission... I don't know how hard it would be to have the ship fly in the hanger, but I can just imagine it crashing repeatedly against the hull in a vain attempt :)

I've gotten everything to work well so far, right now just working on tweaking and balancing the mission.

This may be more of a style question, but do you guys aim for a certain amount of time per mission? I mean, do you plan for missions to be between (for example) 10-20 minutes? Or do you just figure they take as long as they take?

I'm just curious, because the mission that I have created seems kinda on the short side, but I think that is partially because I don't have any voice acting in it, so the only story is in the briefing...

Anybody can chime in and let me know what they think, I would like to post the mission somewhere when it is done.
I've caught another snag...

I was in the ships editor and hit hide cues, and now I can't get them back??

Any help would be appreciated...


N/m, figured it out :)