Frank Savage at the PDC (June 23, 2009)



This one is a cool video of Frank Savage's presentation to the 2008 Professional Developer's Conference on the abilities of the XNA Creator's Kit. He's wearing a totally badass TCS Victory (WC3 dev team) t-shirt and mentions Wing Commander at the outset.

At about 11 minutes in he mentions being a big Wing Commander fan and then goes on to demonstrate a space game he's been working on with the XNA toolset. It's probably similar to the one he did a tutorial of at the Korea game conference for which the source code was recently released.

Grab the whole video here! (324 meg wmv)

Original update published on June 23, 2009
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Dang - I think Frank's been wearing that same shirt and vest since the mid-'90's! I am amazed it hasn't fallen apart into threads and rags...
Are you serious, Taser? That's pretty funny. :) On the other hand, he might have brought it out of the cupboard for an occasion like this.