Frame-limiting in Privateer 2


I read something about a frame-limiting feature in P2 in a previous post (don't remember which one it was, sorry). Is it true that P2 is supposed to slow itself down without using Turbo or Moslo and it is a bug that makes it go way too fast? Is it OK on any new computers? I have the DOS version but I would buy the Windows version if it would save me from having to use Turbo/Moslo with it (I hate how it slows down the between mission stuff as well as the flight engine). BTW, I have a PIII-500.
It isn't the speed that makes the difference. Though something in newer computers seems to conflict more with the limiter I know of a couple of people that can run it fine on fast, new computers.


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We really don't know what causes the problem, and neither does Origin. I've seen the frame limiter run just fine on most PIII systems, so don't let that stop you. My guess is that the cache has something to do with the problem, but that's never been verified. I've never experienced the problem myself.