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Long Live the Confederation!
Probably attempting to prove that he is indeed cooler than a moose, Origin's front guy Boomer has made up this Secret Operations miniFAQ...
Will the missions be archived? (If we miss a Thursday are we s.o.l?)Each of the 7 episodes will be presented as follows:Monday - fiction elements 'A'Tuesday - fiction elements 'B' (plus 'A')Wednesday - fiction elements 'C' (plus 'A' and 'B')Thursday - episode mission becomes available for downloadSo if you come in on (say) Thursday just to get the mission, you will have all the fiction available (just not delivered in any order). While there is no 'dependency' of one piece of fiction being important to read before another, for the 'purest' experience, I recommend reading the fiction as it's delivered (daily).But to answer your question: When it starts, there will be 7 episode buttons. As each episode begins (on Monday) the appropriate button will be enabled. So (say) by week 3, episode buttons 1 thru 3 will be enabled (with 4 thru 7 still 'dark') and yes, you can go back and 'relive' earlier missions (remember, you already downloaded the mission so it's just the fiction you'll be needing). However, there is a cool 'twist' to this that I really don't want to disclose just yet (keeping it a surprise for now ;)And how big a download are we looking at? (Would it be a good time to upgrade to cable?)The size isn't finalized yet so I'd rather not try to 'predict' what it will finally be. Suffice to say (as everyone expects) it's going to be rather big (afterall, it is a whole game). But not really any bigger than some of the more popular demos out there. Still, we're working on ways to minimize the 'pain' of downloading. For example, current thinking (it could change) is to offer it as a 'base' file and an optional 'speech pack' (and a 'full download' that incorporates both). As noted, the optional speech pack isn't required to play Secret Ops.

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