Fan Project Vote Kicks Off (January 3, 2021)


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Another annual tradition that we're happy to kick off is our Fan Project of the Year vote. This gives us a small opportunity to recognize a few of the projects that had a positive impact on the community in the past year. The nominees below stood out either by magnitude of their release, significance of their innovation or sustained duration of their project's output across a good chunk of the year. You're probably familiar with most all of them, but here's a quick rundown. Scroll a bit further to cast your vote!

  • The AI/Neural Net Enhanced Wing Commander Video Packs made a big splash this year by surprising fans with the quality of its upscaled movies. The new footage can even be easily dropped into WC4 and Prophecy.
  • The Animated Academy-style Video Project is a relatively new endeavor by prolific modeler DefianceIndustries. He's managed to create some gorgeous cartoon style models that look wonderful in action.
  • Flight Commander 2 was another newcomer this year. There's already a playable demo to interact with, and it even runs in a web browser!
  • The Gemini Sector RPG has had an especially busy year. The team has been hard at work to keep evolving and spice up the game with cool artwork to accompany their Discord sessions.
  • The Graphical Novel Project draws inspiration from WC4 and Action Stations as it seeks to develop a flexible interface for animated storytelling. Some very cool previews help set the stage for what to expect going forward.
  • Klavs' Models made a return in 2020. On top of the being some of the most beautiful WC imagery around, they also serve as the backbone for a number of fan projects, such as LYP Studios' awesome Morningstar 3D print.
  • The WC Toolbox expanded this year to support Armada and Wing Commander 3. Even the console ports of WC3 got in on the action. The tools helped lead to some new discoveries, including some never-before-seen background sets from Wing Commander 3!
  • The WC4 Fan Remake kicked things into high gear this year with the ramp up of key programming, artwork and video enhancement. They even debuted a new website at to keep tabs on it all and share the latest advancements!
  • wcdx 2.2 is the latest and greatest patch for the Kilrathi Saga. It fixes compatibility on modern systems, but it also goes back and unbreaks things that the original conversion for Windows 95 didn't incorporate correctly from the DOS originals. It now supports everything from WC1 through both Special Operations.
  • Wing Commander Loader is a project people have been asking for for decades, and Destro is finally making it happen as he steadily works to incorporate the voiceovers from the Sega CD port of WC1 back into the original DOS game.

And those are our nominees for 2020. Please vote below!

Original update published on January 3, 2021