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I was unpacking tre-files from privateer with tresplit.exe (dont remember where I got it), and it worked well for floppy version of privateer, but not for cd version, and now I need to extract some files from rigtheous fire and I dont have a floppy version of RF, is there a better utilite for unpacking privateer tre-files or maybe I can get some how floppy version of RF. I bought Privateer/RF Cd when I was last sommer in US, and before that my friend gave me as a gift floppy version of Privateer, so I wonder if I own cd version maybe I can get somehow RF or get a better unpacker. I would appreciate any answer, thanks for taking time to read my post.

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I´ve the CD version too and I can extract the Tre files (I use Tremen by Mario Brito)!! Are there any 3D objects or textures include ?? When yes how can i convert it to dxf/bmp (theWC3,4,WCP or WCPSO tools doesn´t work) !?!?!

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In the CD version, the .tre files contained more stuff. TRESPLIT can't handle .tres if there is more then a certain number of files in them. You have to use Mario's TREMAN instead (which is better anyway
). Anyway, for some reason TREMAN is not on Mario's page. <Sigh> I'll e-mail it to you in a few minutes. You're the second person to ask for it today

Steele: No textures, no 3D objects. Priv was bitmap-based, rather than polygon-based. But you can use Matrix's WCNAV (you can find it in the Information Section of HCl's site) to extract separate images (as .BMPs), which you could then use to make 3D models from scratch, I guess.
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Actually the problem is that TRESPLIT only reads the first byte of the word that determines the number of files to extract from the TRE. TREMAN is heaps better. I have the info to build in TRE browsing into WCNAV but I never got any response about it's usage. If enought people nag me, I'll do up a v6 with better WC4/5 support et al.
Matrix: I've actually just tested WCNAV with Strike Commander. 'Tworks. Of course, the palettes are a problem.
Tre browsing would be good, but splitting/building .vga files would be even better.
Well we'll see. So far you're the only one to give any feedback on WCNAV...other than Mario of course. TREs would be easier to do, but I don't think anybody's done a VGA file builder yet. Hmm.
I think that's because Mario's left the WC editing community (he's not dead or anything; he just doesn't have time), and as such his site isn't exactly the most popular place right now. WCNAV just sits there, and most people don't know what it is...

Maybe it's time for you to make a separate WC page for your site? I can help with that...

BTW, what's the story with Priv/SC palettes?
Actually I might have a remedy for that. Those shots in the CIC Ships Database could be done up a bit. =)
Regarding palettes, I'm still missing some from Priv despite having checked all potential files. As for SC, I never looked. I'd probably have to dig deeper into the IFFs to auto-detect them correctly et all. I think I might prefer to start on the 3D viewer rather.
Hmm... I see your point. The funny thing is, that in SC there are separate files, such as OPTPALS.PAK that I would guess (from the name) contain palettes. But alas, there doesn't seem to be anything like it in Priv.

A 3D viewer might be nice, but wouldn't it be better to focus on one thing (in this case, .VGA files, since we already seem to have some understanding of them) at a time?

In regards to the CIC Ships Database, it's not just the shots that could be done up... One of these days, I really have to go on a hunt through WC 2 files to get the proper stats. I still don't trust the KSaga manual; it claims that a Kilrathi light fighter is slower and less maneouvrable than just about anything else in the game. Even the Broadsword supposedly outmanoeuvers it
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Actually the pictures in the Ships Database for WC1, 2, and Priv are the bitmaps taken directly from the .TRE files or whatever. They are unscaled, and so are of higher quality than those taken in-game. The only way they could be of higher quality is if they were completely re-drawn using a 3D package or whatever, but then the pictures wouldn't be completely true to the game.

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On another note, I just checked the WC 2 ship files. My goodness, that manual has the wrong thing for almost every ship
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Quarto: In Priv I seem to recall some PAL files and some palettes inside IFFs. There may also be some contained with pictures like it's done in WCP. As for 3D info, we know plenty enough about them too.

Cpl Hades: They are? Oh well in that case I take it back, though I'll take a shot at it anyway. If I get better looking results I'll mail them to you. I did once manage to scale the Ferret up three-fold without any loss in quality.
Well I know did say *mail* but I thought I'd post these up just for the heck of it.
On each picture the small one is the original as extracted by WCNAV, all the others (except one) are x2. Go ahead, pick a Ferret...any Ferret. =)


Right column show use of a median filter. Middle row uses bilinear filtering (interpolation) ie. the type most 3D accelerators do these days. Bottom right was a test of scaling x4, using the median filter, then scaling back down to x2. Only marginally better.

Left side going top to bottom: Nearest point sampling, bilinear interpolation, bilinear with median. The big one is x3 and still not too bad.

From top: Original, x2, x2 bilinear filtered. The bottom one is a weird combination but was neccessary due to the poor quality of the original. It's a 50% screen of the bilinear filtered version over the the median version.

So what was the point of all that? Just to show there's more than one way to skin a Ferret. =) Actually some experiments to see what a WC1/2 engine would render like on todays harwdare...something I'd like to sink my teeth into if Jumper ever extracts the source codes from EA/Origin. We can but hope.

Cpl Hades: Let me know if y'ant all the WC1/2 ships done up as above.

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Hey guys
i were offline for a while, and now i checked this treman that quarto sent me (btw - quarto, thank you very much) and it didnt worked for rf.tre
It said: "the tre file wasnt found. its likely that you simply mis-typed the name of the tre"
But i didnt and i remember trying it earlier about 6 month ago and i had same answer.
i've tried beta versions of treman from hcl's site but still no luck (it was asking for missing file, but when i got it answer was about the same
so is there anything else i could do?
the only thing working for the privateer tre files was tresplit from armedit (i think), but for cd version it extracts from rf.tre only 111 files.
Maybe there is someone willing to share his prso.tre (for extracting files only - not for playing) or that would be illegal?
or maybe somebody can extract files on his computer and the zip 'em and send them to me i dont need all files just some of them and i really need them

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Make sure RF.TRE isn't set read-only. I believe it makes a difference.

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