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Roberts said:
I only played WC2 SO2, then WC3 and never read the book which I can't get hold of! I love the story though.

The WC3 novelization only mentions Blair fighting in the Battle Of Earth in passing. I think it's kept to a line or two, as Blair and Paladin are looking at the Concordia wreck on Vespus.


Originally posted by Roberts
Receiving treatment for burns then?

I could have sworn I read somewhere that Blair received severe burns from the missile hit that he took. But I can't seem to find any source that says that, not even the encyclopedia on this site. All I can find for sure is that he was "grounded for six months" after he took a missile hit, which is why he wasn't on the Concordia when it went down. His exact injuries never seem to be specified.

Am I remembering incorrectly about the burns?

Also, the encyclopedia entry says that Blair had a "temp position" on the Tarawa. When was this? I don't seem to recall ever hearing about him being on that ship.


Okay, thanks for pointing that out. It's been years since I last read one of the game novelizations, so sometimes my memory is a little fuzzy on some of that stuff.


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He took a missile during BoT, that's what prevented him from being on the Concordia when she went down.

As for Blair's Tarawa time, if you search the forums I'm sure you'll find a few threads dedicated to this topic. I believe a time period was finally agreed upon, but it's been so long I can't be 100% sure.