Episode 5 - Bugs (SPOILERS)


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Man...I feel bad even posting this so soon after the release but you guys said you want to know.

Don't want you to think I'm complaining, I loved it. Dundradal encouraged me to post these now so I am.


-At the end of the last mission, after returning to the Firekka, I saw the normal "What Happened to your Ship" screen and the "You completed these objectives with this score" screen and then when I clicked continue I got booted to the desktop. I presume this is a memory error as I did not restart the program between missions prior to starting the mission. When I re-launched the game, it had recorded the mission complete but no flight history entries were made AFTER the mission (so I couldn't view the final mission). I tried re-launching, and ended up flying the mission again after which the end cut scenes played fine.

-Spoons was set as an active pilot (and even scored kills) on my killboard all through Episode 5. I never saved or loaded my game (I let the autosave keep track for me, but I also played episode 1-4 in one long sitting all day today, so I never closed the game until it came down to download and install Episode 5).

-After watching the last mission and skipping the credits it gave me the standard "Return to Game" option, which I clicked, and Crashed me to the desktop. I tried re-launching Standoff to see if I could see some of the end game cutscences again, and it crashed to the desktop as soon as I clicked launch game. I restarted my computer and tried to launch again, and this time it displayed the Standoff Logo, then crashed to the desktop.

-I also got a CTD on the scramble to defend the Firekka mission with one of the Targu II's dead and the other not (Dundradal said you know about this one). I restarted the game killed both frigates and didn't have a problem again.

-Some of my Audio Comms were playing twice, or playing the first five seconds and then playing the entire clip again. (Dundradal said you know of some audio comm issues, not sure if this was one of them) I did not have this problem with EP 1-4, only with EP 5 and it wasn't a really big deal.

-Starfields for my game were set to on before I installed EP5, and after I installed EP5 were still set to be turned on, but were turned off in game. Turning them off and then on again solved this problem.


In the first mission of Ep 5, if you get comms from some of the techs in the rapiers, their comm avatar is a Kilrathi pilot.