Episode 4: Anyone Got A Saved Game?


Howdy all, it's been a while seen I've last been here.

The thing is, I've had a HDD format since the last time I played Standoff and I didn't get a chance to back up my profile.

I'm not cheating, I just want to get straight into Episode 4 now to see what it's like instead of having to start from the beginning.

If I could borrow someone's profile for a tick so I can give the new ep a whirl, I'd be really grateful...

That way, I can play a few of the new missions now and THEN start over with my own profile when I have time to go through the game again.


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It'd be really worthwhile to play it from the beginning (especially since it's been so long since Episode 3) to remind yourself of the story. Episode 4 is also quite a bit harder than the first three episodes - playing from the beginning will give you a chance to 'warm up' as well as see all the technical improvements, most notably the OpenGL renderer.


Thanks, I know. ;)

As I said before, I don't have much spare time on my hands to go through the game from the start again. I just would like to play a bit of 4 to see it.

I don't need warmin' up either! ;)


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Well, if you don't need warming up, I'm sure you'll go through the first three episodes in Rookie mode in less than no time ;)

Of course, switching back to Nightmare once you reach Episode 4 for the intended effect...


I lost my saved games too, but was able to replay it in one evening.
If you really don't have the time, I suppose there's no harm in mailing you my profile.
ofc, I do need an address.

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Lets make sure, though - will trading our saved games affect the online scoring component?


Mr. Standoff
There should be no relation. The scores themselves aren't stored permanently in any files, they are calculated and sent to the server when you finish a mission. This data is not linked to your in-game callsign, only to the Chat Zone username that you set in the launcher options (which is stored in st_config.cfg, so it's not part of your save files).

For the record, to share savegames you need to send people:
- The sthistory folder with all of its content
- The stsave folder with all of its content
- The stautosave.gsw file, which is kept in your SO folder
- The streplay.gsw file, which is kept in your SO folder


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Trading savegames definitly won't have any impact on the online scoring system. But instead of trading savegames I would suggest that you simply cheat you way through the first episodes; this way not only you'll be able to get to refresh your momory, you'll get to choose your own callsign and you'll be able to determine which path you want to take in the game... Standoff takes a lot of little parameters into account, like which ship is saved and destroyed, etc. In short, by cheating your way through the previous episodes, try to mimic your previous achievements.


Me. Cheat... never! ;)

Though, technically, this COULD be considered cheating. I'm only using the profile so I can jump right into 4 to get a taste of the game (which I'm pretty excited about getting further along in.) Though I still want to play again from the beginning in a few months time with my own pilot.

Thanks, my email is: iamtheman83@optusnet.com.au