Enterprise Officially Cancelled

I don't know if anyone else has seen this yet or mentioned it, but Enterprise will be put on DVD like all the previous Star Trek series, with the first season comming out May 3rd of this year. Subsquent seasons will then be released in July, September, and November. The article from Startrek.com can be found here .
Ya, I was checking out the preorder status on them over at Amazon, Season 1 is available for preorder now. It's really unfortunate that the Star Trek complete seasons cost so much - I would love to own Next Gen and DS9 in particular - just not for $600 each.
All right well - after reading through this thread I wanted to add in my two cents...as a Die-Hard Star Wars Fan. BUT DON'T KNOCK MY POST!

I've never been big on Star Trek TV, though I always enjoyed the movies. However, Enterprise, despite not living up to previous Star Trek shows I had the privlidge of watching, wasn't all that bad. It was only bad when it tried to emulate the original Star Trek episodes - and Star Trek without Roddenberry just isn't Star Trek.

This fact became poignantly clear when I was watching older Episodes of Star Trek a few nights back. It was the dialouge that carried the story.

I am truly sorry to see Enterprise go off the Air. Even though I've never been a fan of Star Trek, and have in fact, been in the other camp my whole life, as LOAF stated, Star Trek has been the one constant in the Sci-Fi universe that keeps going.

So I'm not here to gloat, I'm just as sorry as any of you that the shows been cancled. Other shows like SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica just don't have the same classic 50's Sci-Fi feel to them that Star Trek always gave to me (When Rocket ships looked like Pointed cones and Aliens all looked like Humans with bad makeup!).

So here's to you Enterprise!

-A Die-Hard Star Wars Fan
To be honest, I never really liked the show.

They ruined the timelines and altered some canon-truths about the ST universe. And the writing was horrible. Brannon Braga is an egotistical asshole and had they fired him in the voyager years, the franchise could have been rescued and this may never have happened.

Enterprise didn't get cancelled because people don't care about ST or sci-fi anymore, it happened because the show sucked. Plain and simple. People turn away from bad quality. Enterprise being cancelled restored part of my faith in humanity.
Trolling never, ever goes well for anyone. You know that, right? Lighten up.
Ghosthic said:
Enterprise didn't get cancelled because people don't care about ST or sci-fi anymore, it happened because the show sucked. Plain and simple. People turn away from bad quality. Enterprise being cancelled restored part of my faith in humanity.

Most people I know liked Enterprise, and felt that it got better with every season
I didn't see many episodes of it. What I remember most is it seemed like the crew were often giving each other massages.
TrekUnited has produced quite a professional trailer, which pays homage to all Trek series and especially Enterprise. It's well worth the download IMO.


You can get it in various sizes and formats from the TrekUnited Forums.

Alternatively, I've mirrored the 3m:17s 640x360 (19.8MB) XviD version here


Well.. i never really liked Star Trek..

It always looked so fake to me. As if it was for kids, if its not..
You could've gotten away with just the first sentence, you know.
Hi guys, this is news to me. It hasn't been out two minutes!

Why is it, they never give decent shows a fighting chance against other crap like "Joey", which in my view is just, er....crap.

What do you lot think. The networks cancelled Babylon 5 and their sister series , which were both good, compelling shows in their own right.

It just seems that sh**e gets aired while the really good stuff goes to hell. :mad:
The reason Enterprise got cancelled isn't necessarily due to low ratings, though that in part, had alot to do with it. It is advertising, which is where the networks get the money from, to buy shows from the studios.

For example, Paramount says, "We have a show idea." So they pitch this idea around to a bunch of networks with a ballpark estimate of 30 million dollars a season. Now a network pays the price tag of $30 million, in the hopes that advertising for the show with net them a certain amount above what they originally paid for the season. i.e. 60 million dollars in avertising sales over the course of the season.

However, if the show fails to net them a profit over the course of a season they may put it on the chopping block. Advertisers probably just didn't believe in the production, thinking that the viewers aren't diverse enough to be worth reaching.

America as a whole seems to have gravitated to the Idols and the next top model shows which is where the advertisers are now sending their millions. Not necessarily because the ratings are super high, or because enterprise was good or bad, but because the crossection of viewers is higher and more pliable, therefore a better investment.

As I am unsure how a studio fits into the order as where it's profit comes from, I'd appriciate anyone that might shed some light on that. I just thought I would point this matter out since everyone seemed hell bent on slamming enterprise, when really all the nay sayers that dare call themselves fans of Star Trek killed it by themselves.