Email troubles with WCNews email?


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Hi guys. Over the last few months I seem to be getting email bounces whenever I try to email the WCNews staff news or regarding anything else. I've been sending emails mostly from my hotmail account (I did try another email account but that also "bounced.") Has anyone else had this problem?

Anyway, I've been trying and trying and trying to get in touch with Chris or LOAF about the prizes from the WCNews birthday party (username: music_guru). I've probably sent almost a dozen emails trying to get in touch with them over the months. Initially I wasn't getting these email bounces but now I am. Anyway, I'm assuming this email trouble is the cause of this. If Chris or LOAF could contact me through this forum, I'll let you know what email address to contact me with. Thanks in advance!

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Howdy -- I haven't seen an e-mail from you, but Chris is the one who handles all the prizes (unless it's something weird? What was the prize?).


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Good to hear from you LOAF. Believe me, it's good to finally make some progress on this. In regard to the email issue, I still have the "bounce" messages if it would be helpful to you (in case there is something strange going on...). I had sent emails to,,, and your gmail email address LOAF (you had sent me email from it before).

In regard to the prizes, there is a bit of a backlog there and it might be better to take that discussion offline. Hopefully I'll be able to get in touch with Chris to get that squared away. I'll be in touch over PM. Thanks LOAF.


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We would like to see the bounce messages, because we'd need to know what's actually bouncing ( just forwards to specific accounts). We can deal with that outside the thread.

In regards to the prizes, what typically happens is right after the birthday, I fly out to hang with the CIC staff for a couple weeks, and it takes months to catch up.


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I can say from personal experience, though, that Chris never fails to deliver. Sure, it takes a while, but no-one should ever complain about delayed generosity. I hope you manage to get the communication issues sorted out!


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Great to hear from you Chris! I've sent both you and LOAF a PM of the most recent bounce message. Hopefully that will help determine what is going on. BTW, I'm not upset about the prize issue. I know you guys are busy and so I've been patiently waiting. Glad we finally made contact though. Chris, I'll send you a PM later about the prizes. It's late so I'll do that as soon as I get a chance. Cheers!