DragonCon 2005!


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epoch said:
Whats Dragon*con ?? Sorry i am not from the states..


Long story short, sci-fi/fantasy con held in Atlanta, Georgia every year. To borrow from Star Wars, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Of course, being as we are, we like it that way. :D


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LeHah said:
2006 = Year Of Dragon*Con

TopGun said:
If I can't attend this year, I will attend next year

I've heard that before. :( Next year you'll have other monetary concerns.

Sylvester said:
I'm thinking about coming along. Do you guys mind a sixteen year old stopping buy and saying hello?

Yeah, everyone should go.


Well, I'd like to go but unfortunately, that time of the year is typically pretty hectic. Money's not so much a concern as is getting time off from work and such. I really enjoy the photo galleries each year of the CIC event, it looks rather awesome. I'll just play it by ear I think...


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TopGun said:
That's really Funny

How about we do the Confed Rap :D

I hardly thought it was funny. If anything it was embarrassing to watch. And that chick wasn't that hot either. You're probably just not used to seeing even a mildly attractive women doing some Star Trek uniform thing. Wait, if you watch Star Trek you actually are probably used to it.


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TopGun said:
She's quite Hot :D

What was the point of that? Good job zooming in on her chest Cameraman. If you're a pretty average looking girl who likes attention from hundreds of nerds at once, DragonCon is the place to walk around without enough clothes on.


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Shipgate said:
Hey when you get there, try and find a Princess Mononoke person and get a picture of her if you can.

Would you like a male or female Princess Mononoke?


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Atlanta Marriott Marquis

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Yeah, the main hotels are that one and the Hyatt Regency. We tend to prefer the Marriott because it's quieter at night (all the night stuff happens in the Hyatt) and the elevator situation tends to be better.