Did anyone see...?


...today's edition of Jeopardy! (the best game show ever!)?

There was a category called Sch"wing" (right after a category about Mike Myers, no doubt) and I thought it would've been cool to see a WC question, but I figured I was hoping for too much, but...

"A rank in the Royal Air Force or a space combat video game."

Isn't that cool? ;)

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Any publicity, be it in the form of news coverage or a game question brings WC even closer to the non-WC fans. That may have triggered a few queries in some folks watching that show. More fans, the better!



Also, I don't think what you posted on the main page, LOAF, is the exact quote. I paraphrased, really, so I guess I shouldn't have put quotation marks around it. Oh, well.


Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
N... no, that's how you answer questions in Jeopardy... in the form of a question...

Thank Sivar someone saw the humour in that question...

I don't think I would be in this cz, let alone a Major if I didn't know what Wing Commander was :) *pokes tounge*

By the way, what's the smilie for a toungey?


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Small p seems to put the 'tongue' in the middle of the 'face' more than the the capital P. I would think something like :< would work for :mad:, and perhaps :? instead of :confused:, but then again, I'm not sure of the conventions elsewhere.

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It would be cool, IMHO, to add some more smilies to the list we can use.
Check with $tormin for some ideas... ;)