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Re: normal jump points.

Normaly jump points usually lead to areas around stars because their destinations are created by things that produce a large amount of gravity. This is also why 'special' jump points usually appear around Black Holes and other such anomalies.

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Deadman: IIRC, there are 3 possible endings:
<LI>you do nothing right (lose/lose)
<LI>you destroy the accretion device (win/lose)
<LI>you knock down the Tiamat, not the device (win/win)

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It depends what part of Wing Commander you are looking at... In the first couple of games the ships just go POOF! and dissapear. In WC3 on in the cinimatics it is more of a hole because you see the ship dissapear piece by piece, the front comes out first and the rest of the ship comes through the invisible hole. In the movie it is a definate pulling.


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