Contrasting Fleets Wallpapered In Style (January 7, 2006)


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Standoff's latest wallpaper last week was a big hit, but there's a pair of complementary scenes that haven't gotten a lot of attention. The first image was one of the original large Standoff wallpapers released a few years ago. It features a Confederation Dreadnought, Destroyer and Escort Carrier hanging beautifully in space. The second image is a foreboding look at what the future of Standoff holds as several Hakaga Supercarriers make their way through the Sol System. Both make great use of color to emphasize the tone of the fleets depicted. Each scene also includes a ship that was only revealed on the cover of a novel. End Run contributed the Escort Carrier and Fleet Action gave us a glimpse at the Hakaga. Which one best suits you?

Original update published on January 7, 2006
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Those Hakagas sure are damn scary....I can't wait to fly against them in standoff...feel like it's going to be the great marianas' turkey shoot in space...which side are the turkeys is still to be decided...