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Super Carrot!
All of this new P2 stuff was definately one of the coolest parts of this years birthday party.


...and now...

Yesterday we had a little party - my wife turn 25 and we decided to use this moment for a little mission.
So, if you ever wanted to know who is Deacan, Hudson and so on, here is my answer.
All wear the "Erwachen" - shirt, we specialy make for this event.

From the left: "Ser" Jacob Hudson, coverdesigner and main creator for the cardgame, "Sera" Venice Drake - aka my beloved wife and best coffeemaker in the last 7 years, the guy with the scarf is just me (aka the mad author and maniac on the keyboard) and the lovely girl with the glasses and long, red hair is "Sera" Dana Manley - a long time friend, we meet nearly 9 years ago und are like brother and sister...

A note for the backside view of our group: yes, it was hot in that location and I startet to sweat...



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Vice Admiral
"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face:
now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."


Well, a few words on our project.

All lights are green, we simply wait for a few things to be checked. Contact to EA was made, but until now we don't get a real answer. Even if they stands in our way, we still can offer them this work - for now all they said was: 100k $ - and we have a deal.

Book One "The Awakening - Storm" mainly tells the story of Ser Deacan Tron, his fight against a mercenaries guild and the strange behaivior of a pirate clan...

Book Two "The Awakening - Silence" take place 6 mounths later. The system tried to come to rest, but new and even more strange things happens - I don't tell you to much, when I say that even Ser Hassan is on the run...
This work has now hit page 251 (!), there are just 80 pages to go.

Book Three "The Awakening - Mindfire" closes the circle. After 8 years, our hero "Deacan" is forced to take his seat inside his Duress again, an old friends runs away from a hospital on Crius, but this person is not clearly "awaken", but more like "asleep" - so the storm raises again through the system...
Book Three is on an early stage, but the script is complete.

We do our best to go forward, but we all have a life aside from Privateer, a family and - "most disturbing" (okay, it's a joke) - a job to do. So time is barely rare...

But we need to say thanks - to all of you, to any people who supports us over the last mounths.
For instance: my search for a publisher was quite like hell - most publisher here in germany wants only one thing, and it's called money. And given away more than 2500 Euro just to print 100 copies and - at the same time - give away your brainchild for nothing (you don't even have the right to force them to do some advertise!), because they claimed this work as "they own" (for the normal time of copyright, thats are my complete lifetime and 75 years after my death) is anything but fun...

The cardgame also grows up. We have now a complete list of all vessels (thanks to the WCNEWS-TEAM) and we found a way to "fit" the big ships in our playsystem. Hudson did a fine job.

Just stay tuned. Our homepage is in the works, you can see a "placeholder" here:

Best regards, Deacan

PS: I hope my english is okay...
PS II: we focused the late september - early october for the first edition of book one !!!



Dear readers, dear fans and dear community!

We have done a long way, we have work night and day, we fight our way through publishers...

The novel "das Erwachen - Sturm" (german-version) is nearly clear and ready to take off...

Since I've been forced to print this novel via "books on demand" and I'm also forced to "prefinance" the first edition with my own money, I need to know who is really interessed to buy a copy.

Please send a mail to the following adress:

Your mail should contain: your name, your town, perhaps a phonenumber and a full functional mailadress!!!
Please make this note inside the "concern" - line: Das Erwachen!

Prize per book: around 16 - 17 Euro.
mail & "shipping" inside germany: around 2 Euro (unclear, we don't knwo the weight of the book...)
Pages: more than 470 (!)
New cover! (we will post that cover soon!)

We can't give you right now a real date of release, but once again: we focused the end of september - early october for our start.

A isbn is also chosen: 3-937213-59-7, it's not offical, but it's reserved.

Thanks to all!


PS: *update on book II: page 265*


Damnd, double post...

Btw, here is something for your eyes...


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...and even more to come:

This is the entire new cover, I hope you like it, even if it's not so Privateer-like.


PS: btw - our "printingshop" has no problem to produce an english version of this stuff. The translation is in work, so if you want it or simply like the story (or better: the few english parts inside the "novel - thread")...

But please keep in mind - this still will take a while. We do what we can, but we still are no wizzards.


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212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
So with shipping and handling, the cost is about ... $26 US? That sounds more than fair.


LeHah said:
So with shipping and handling, the cost is about ... $26 US? That sounds more than fair.

yes, 17 Euro are 21,73 $. Standart mailway: 3,50 Euro outside europe, so its 4,50$ shipping and handling.



Btw - a few words about the costs for this little project...

As I told you, I've found a "publisher". The suport of this little firm is more than good, I can use their network, have the option to do some advertising, they did the talks with my printshop, given me the choice of an isbn etc.
Several offers, services and helpful hands cost on normal (better: most) publishers lots of money, but I stand here on the sunny side of life.

Also, the novel has gone through some testreades, searching for errors and mistakes.
A huge search was done for the question of copyrights...

To all people who wrote me via pn here or who request a copy inside the threads: please send a mail to :

and do a confirmation for your order. (if you don't did it right now)

The person behind this mail is my wife Charlotte (aka Venice Drake), who tries to managed the orders, do all of the officework and is number 1 contactperson to the printshop.
She don't have access for this forum (!), because she do this work side by side during her job... and she did so far more for me and this procect than I ever dream of.

Thanks for all,



There is something I need to tell you...

First of all, we don't make any profit with this work, even at the prize we given. Yes, we have a publisher, but bigger sellings are quite far away from the reality. In fact, we ran in at a level of zero - we get at least the costs for this project back.

So - why do we do this than anyway?

The groundidea for this novel is dated back nearly 8 years ago. I was forced to break with lots of friends... prior this, I worked on a short "privateer"story for a Sci-Fi-Magazine in my town, but my work just came to late. The mag didn't life longer than 2 episodes...

But one of my friends, a guy named Maatin (yes, with 2 A's and no R) still believed in me and this story.
So it grows up.

This novel is something like a mirror of my own life, it shows several up und downs, new ways and new friends.
To know that all of this founds some readers... this is more than I ever dreamed of. I can share "memories" with others...

I hope all of you enjoy this novel the same way I do.



A few facts:

At the format we given the novel will be around 520 (!) pages, Size is 20 x 14cm.

Next tuesday I get (hopefully!) my copy - the first of the second edition - for last controlling. For myself I don't plan to changes anything, so we focused next week friday for the main printing release.

What does this mean to you? If anything goes well, all of the people who signed up at the given mail adress will get next weekend (14 - 15. october) a mail from us, with infos about prize, ways to pay etc. pp.

Keep your fingers crossed...



Okay, today I get my copy for last controlling. Everything is allright, I give green light, so the first books are in production.

Just 3 days to go... and the first books will arrive at my home.



Yeah, something for a smile...

Here is a look at the huge amount of paper for the controlling and second the size of the book itself - over 3 cm thick (a 1-Euro is shown for size comparsion)!

The next part will have a different color on the cover (but the some picture), Hudson play a little bit with the real one, we think a light red & grey will make it.



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Just 2 days to go...

We are in talks with our publisher and our printstore and I am happy to tell you, that our calculations about the prize seems to come to an end.

If anything goes right, our targeted prize will fall under 15 Euro per book, since everyone inside our team and our surporters knows about novel II.

So, thats are quite good news, aren't they?



@ChrisReid: of corse. As I said earlier, thats all Book on demand. What simplay means: we can print at any time!

And we try to keep the prize as stable as possible. And by the way - the first edition is not yet completely sold, you if you wish to get one copy (german language!), feel free to contact us.